Step out in Kyoto wearing honmono (the “real thing”) courtesy of a heritage company with over 300 years of experience providing its customers with the finest kimono and obi created in Japan.
Kimono Misayama offers you the opportunity to shine even more brilliantly wearing the perfect kimono outfit to match any occasion and time of year.
Our mission is to purvey rental kimono of the highest quality to our discerning customers and we welcome you to come and peruse our extensive line-up and services without charge. Please feel free to contact us and drop by anytime.

The Four Reasons Rental Kimono Misayama stands apart:

1. Quality
We offer refined pure silk and the highest quality polyester kimono for our discerning clientele who wish to stand apart from the crowd as they tour this ancient capital.
2. Careful Consideration of Time, Place & Occasion
Whatever the special occasion may be, we strive to satisfy our customer’s every need to assure that each kimono rental will feel like a “once in a life-time event.”
3. Diligent Customer Service
By listening carefully to the preferences of the customer throughout the selection process, we hope to foster a satisfying and highly attractive collaboration.
4. Peace of Mind
For clients with few opportunities to wear kimono concerned about the many conventions of dressing in traditional Japanese attire, please rest assured. With over 300 years as a purveyor of the highest quality kimono and obi in Japan, we urge you leave all your worries behind and leave everything to us!

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    Rental Kimono


    SERVICE of Rental Kimono MISAYAMA

    Service at Store

    No extra fee for restitution on next day
    No extra payment is required unless restitution is after next day 13:00.
    Free preview service
    Preview of Kimono at store is for free
    Car parking available
    Please contact us in advance if you need parking space.
    *Parking space is only for the time of Kimono experience. Please drive your car away when you leave MISAYAMA.

    Dressing & Hair setting

    Professional coordination
    We give coordination advice based on the needs of every different customer, especially when you are in the occasion of banquet, theater, etc.
    Comfortable dressing
    We help you carefully dress Kimono and avoid the problem of out of shape.
    Hair setting
    Hair setting is offered with extra 3,000 JPY (tax included) of rental fee.

    Coordination suitable for your special occasion

    Rental Kimono MISAYAMA Scene selection ≫

    Kyoto streets is the best match for Kimono.
    Meet a new self in wonderful Kimono

    Girl’s party
    Enjoy happy time with close friend on girl’s party. Need a new Kimono?
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Special dinner occasion? Let Kimono make you stunning.
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Kimono, never lose to any evening dress.
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Alumni reunion
    A breathtaking Kimono make you shining in your peer.
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Kimono is your appropriate wise choice
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Portable Kimono, less restraint
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Tea party
    Elegant Kimono with modest pattern
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    Outside activity
    Different Kimono appearance depended on different use and purpose.
    Coordination recommendation ≫
    What is Rental Kimono MISAYAMA
    In the field of Japanese garment, from Kimono to Kimono accessories, MISAYAMA is professional who understand the 「格」 (spirit) of them.

    Today on Kyoto streets, you can see tourists and young local generation in bright colorful Kimono walking everywhere, which gradually become a part custom when tourists visit Kyoto.

    However, Rental Kimono MISAYAMA provide Kimono tailor to special need for different occasion. With the respect to the ancient root of Kimono culture, we always put coordination suitable for your special occasion in the first place. From the service of a 300-year-history Kimono store, you can feel sincerity for every customer and the professional knowledge from the precipitation of history.

    Authentic Kimono selected by the 300-year-history Kimono maker

    Established in 18 centuries, Rental Kimono MISAYAMA is the combination of continuous 300-year history and revolution spirit.
    Knowing both the tradition and the new trend, Rental Kimono MISAYAMA which produced by TONOYO can meet the need of every customer by high-quality products and best service.

    Keep in shape all the time, no need to worry about Kimono knowledge

    No matter how beautiful your Kimono is, if it’s out of shape, means nothing. In Rental Kimono MISAYAMA, veteran dressing expert is here to help every customer wear Kimono correctly and comfortably and keep shape in long time.

    If you have any question, we will try our best to give you satisfying answer including advice on Kimono coordination.

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