We appreciate your helping answer the questionnaire for the better future of MISAYAMA Rental Kimono.

(1) Do you have the experience of rental Kimono (except Yukata)?

(2)If yes, what do you rent Kimono for?
 Wedding ceremony coming of age day party sightseeing banquet others

What kind of Kimono you want to rent?
 Houmongi (formal) Komon (casual) Tsumugi (Pongee) Tsukesage(semi-formal) others

(4) On what kind of occasion you will want to wear Kimono?
 Banquet sightseeing theater presentation party others

(5)Do you have a Kimono now?
 Yes No my other family members have I have Kimono but I don’t wear

(6) If you answered “ I have Kimono but I don’t wear”, what’s the reason?
 I don’t know how to dress Putting on Kimono is troublesome I don’t like Kimono others

(7)How often do you wear Kimono?
 never haven’t worn for long years once a year several times a year very often

(8)Do you like to wear Kimono in summer?
 Yes No