Do I need to bring anything for Kimono on that day?
A: Kimono, undergarment, Kimono shoes, dressing and others are all included in the course, please come with your empty hand.
Can I have of preview of Kimono at store?
A: Sure, preview of Kimono at store is for free.
Do I need to pay if I haven’t find the Kimono I like at the preview time in MISAYAMA?
A: No payments are required at the preview time if our Kimono cannot satisfy your needs. Please feel free to reserve a preview chance.
How long is the time for Kimono dressing?
A: Kimono dressing is about 1 hour, but if you also choose the hair setting course, the total time is about 1-2 hours.
* The time of choosing Kimono is depended on person.
What kind of size of Kimono do you have?
A: Kimono: up to 175cm height
Kimono shoes: up to 25cm
Payment is cash only?
A: Both cash and credit card are acceptable
What time do we need to return the Kimono?
A: Restitution on that day before 19:30 or next day before 13:00 is acceptable.
How much is the cleaning fee?
A: Cleaning fee for common dirtiness is included in the rental fee
I can’t decide my course if I haven’t seen the real Kimono
A: Rental course can be changed on the day you arrive.
Can I reserve on the day I go to MISAYAMA?
A: If you want to reserve today or tomorrow, please reserve by phone. In the case of online reservation, please at least reserve two days ahead of time.
Can I check my suitcase at MISAYAMA counter?
A: We can help keep your belongings excepts valuables.
Can I reserve Kimono?
A: You can reserve the Kimono you want at the preview time. Kimono reservation by phone or online is not available.
Can I only rent Kimono belt?
A: Sure, you can rent belt only in MISAYAMA to coordinate with your own Kimono.Price: 5,000JPY (tax included) including belt dressing fee
Can I only have dressing service?
A: Yes, you can bring your own Kimono and our Kimono veteran can help you dressing.Price: 3,000JPY (tax included)
Can I return Kimono by express delivery?
A: please choose this option service if you need to return by express delivery.Detailshere.
Can I keep the Kimono socks?
A: Kimono socks are a part of the rental course, please kindly return them.
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