Obi (Kimono belt) in Rental Kimono MISAYAMA

Obi is an important part of Kimono coordination and can impact the value of Kimono.
Rental Kimono MISAYAMA offer you the high-quality Obi that you can never find in other stores.

You may feel incredible that a wonderful obi can enhance the「格」of Kimono.

Besides, Obi can show different seasonal feeling.
And the looking and feeling of Obi tie are totally different between the all-silk and polyester.

You can choose your favorite from various types.

Rental Kimono MISAYAMA has prepared various high-quality Obi for you,
from premium Obi to all-silk Obi. Please choose your favorite obi that match your Kimono most.

Recommendation Top 5

  • Fukuro Obi with pattern of red-crown crane flying over waves on golden background is most suitable for joyous and festival occasion.
  • Fukuro Obi made by golden fabric with pattern of nobility
  • Peony pattern on black background gives you the spring feeling. This Obi can match with Kimono of any color.
  • Shiosei fabric Obi of refreshing hydrangea flower pattern on gray background.
  • A fashion Shiosei fabric Obi with many different Japanese traditional patterns.
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