Seasonal recommended course (Houmongi·Tsukesage·Komon)

〈Seasonal Recommendation of February〉

It’s still cold outside even after *Lichun.
We can see an underlying strength, like a plum gracefully blooming in the cold, in a woman wearing a kimono this season.

*Lichun: the first term of 24 solar terms of traditional East Asian lunisolar calendars.

Silk Tsukesage (Semi-formal Kimono)

  • A pure silk Tsukesage in light pink with a design of tea ceremony instruments.
  • A black Nagoya-obi belt with a design of red and white plums.

A soft pink kimono matched with a high-formal obi belt with gold and embroidered plums.
This elegant coordination is perfect for this season.

Premium Tsukesage (Semi-formal Kimono)

  • A chic Tsukesage in light brown color with an elegant obi belt with gold and silver.

The modest and graceful taste shows off the beauty a person in the kimono has.

Premium Komon (Casual Kimono)

  • A black kimono with a large pattern and an obi belt of *Choju-giga.

In the quiet-color kimono with a large pattern and the unique obi belt, why don’t you go to a theater?

*Choju-giga (Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga): Picture scrolls illustrating frolicking animals and humans.
It is said that Choju-giga is the oldest cartoon which was made 700~800 years ago.

*The merchandise in the picture may be lent out. Hoping for your understanding.

*The picture is only part of the merchandise, please feel free to have a preview of other.

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