The flow of rental Kimono

From the application to restitution after using.


First please apply in advance by phone or online.
Please reserve by phone or online and tell us the date you will come, the course you want, need hair setting or not and your name. After we confirm the date and time, you will receive the contact from MISAYAMA. * In the case you apply online, only applications two days ahead of the day you come will be accepted. Please call us if you have any inconvenience on the reserved day or the day before the reserved day.


Please tell us your name and that you are coming for rental Kimono at the counter of MISAYAMA. After filling the application form of rental Kimono, you can check your belongings here.
* ID certification is necessary when you apply for rental Kimono


Kimono coordination
MISAYAMA can do Kimono coordination for you, which based on your preference on pattern and color and the occasion you wear Kimono. But of course, you can do the coordination by yourself. (about 30 minutes)


Hair setting
MISAYA contracted beauty salon and MISAYAMA can provide hair setting service. If you need, please reserve. (about 30 minutes - 1 hour)
* The hair setting may be out of shape, if you wear turtleneck or other tight collar clothes. So please wear loosen clothes or button clothes that can put off from the front.


Veteran Kimono experts will help every customer wear Kimono correctly and comfortably and keep shape in long time.


Go outside
After the payment, it is the time for you to go outside in Kimono.
* After becoming a registered member, you can receive more special services in MISAYAMA.


Both restitution on that day before 17:30 and next day before 13:00 is acceptable.
Reservation Call